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Are these 3 Common Fears of Technology going to kill your Business?

Technology reaches into every part of our lives. Most of us carry a small computer every waking moment, yet many of us feel challenged by technology when it comes to business.

If you don’t overcome your fears, you’re in a weak position and giving your competitors an advantage. You can be sure they’re using technology to win your customers and serve them so effectively that you’ll never get them back.

Now that isn’t a price worth paying. Here are three of the most common fears and what you can do about them.

Fear 1: You’re not a ‘techie’ person

When confronted with technology decisions, a lot of people say “I’m not a techie person,”’ and then switch off, defeated. They assume that discussions about software for business are technical and therefore confusing and difficult To understand.

This is the easiest fear to overcome. Think of the technology you use every day. If you had this same irrational fear you’d never answer the phone, microwave a bowl of soup, drive a car or even watch the telly.

The reason those everyday activities are second nature is that we’re motivated to obtain the value derived. The first time we drive it’s a nerve wracking experience but gradually we learn the basics, we build confidence and, before we know it, we’re off.

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Fear 2: You can’t trust technology vendors

It’s fair to say that many technology companies have a bad name. They promise a lot, charge more, and seldom deliver on their promises.

Traditional software companies want your business processes to adapt to meet their software. Their typically bloated, expensive and complex software can be difficult for your team to adopt, resulting in cost and productivity implications.

Dinosaur technology companies sell systems that are often designed to work in one department, so you need to buy separate software for each department. This means you have multiple systems, duplicated data, and more costs when you want them to talk to each other.

Why wouldn’t you be concerned about buying a technology solution that could fail?

The good news is that the new generation of companies have learned the lessons of the past. You can choose a technology partner that cares about your business, will talk in plain English and wants to make a difference.

The new generation solution providers have lived, watched and learned from the mistakes of the past. Thankfully the underlying improvement in the technologies available now means that a new approach that delivers results can be achieved.

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Fear 3: You’ll lose all your data

Placing your faith in technology means that you are at the mercy of the security and robustness of your systems.

According to research 77% of IT professionals cite employees as the weakest link in cloud security. Unsurprisingly, in 2015, employee education will be a primary focus for 89% of organisations.

There are various good practice steps that your company and your business technology software vendor can – and should – take to mitigate the security risk. These included basics such as robust password protection policies and accountable security and information policies that are enforced.

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Tackle your fears and allow your business to grow

  • Keep things simple – define what your business strategy demands and allow that knowledge to drive your technology requirements.
  • Be savvy – technology has historically been sold as complex, needing to be implemented and maintained by expensive specialists. This doesn’t need to be the case. If you are in control of your processes, you are in control of what you need to buy.
  • Buy smart – purchasing software shouldn’t be a one-off and it should be worth every penny. Look for a technology partner that can work at your pace, understand your strategy and evolve with you as your business evolves. A good partner will gladly help you plan and execute the policies and procedures that will protect your investment, minimise risks and take the fear out of technology.

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