Get Control Of Stock and Save Cash

Is your stock keeping you awake at night?

Move On From Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are great tool, but they end up creating silos of data, not linked to other parts of the business.

Flowlens links your product bill of materials from quote to order to job card. This means you can see current demand on stock, forecast demand for particular parts and make better purchasing decisions.

Stop Disappointing Customers

Stock shortages are a common cause of delays in production. Flowlens MRP helps you avoid this by tracking allocation of stock, and identifying where shortages could cause problems.

With Flowlens, you can plan each Job into the calendar, and forecast where shortages could delay completion.

You can also see demand for parts you make in-house, allowing for planning of internal orders too.

Control Stock, BOMs and Serial Numbers

Manage cash, and avoid shortages with integrated MRP, Purchase Ordering and Backflushing. Flowlens keeps all your stock processes and reports in one place.

Manage bill of materials for assembled products, raw materials and bought in components. Store multiple suppliers against a stock item.

Track serial numbered products, including service history.

Replenish Stock Easily

Easily see stock required for raising replenishment across planned production jobs and open sales orders. Raise and send POs based on minimum order quantity or override.

Monitor Supplier Performance

Easily report on supplier delivery performance. Track goods inwards, damages and returns. Identify pricing variations.

Full Stock Movement History

Keep track of all stock movements, move stock between locations and adjust stock levels.

For serial numbered products, track current location, service history and service jobs cards for enhanced customer service.

Reducing Administration Time

Maximus Crushing and Screening have reported saving over 40% on previous manual administration.

Flowlens Projects and Jobs cards enable accurate kitting and planning of materials (MRP). Flowlens Purchasing Stock Management tools streamline day to day activity, and give real-time visibility of Orders Due, Stock Levels and Spar Parts demand.

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