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Lowe Rental – Worldwide Rental Management

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Previous off-the-shelf asset management system did not have the required functionality and could not enable Lowe to track asset history or utilisation.

Flowlens’ joined-up solution shares information across departments so that employees and management have full visibility of asset utilisation, history, damage, refurbishment, dispatch and current status.

The Challenges

Lowe Rental has grown substantially in recent years, with operations in Europe, the US, South America, Middle East and the Far East. However, their previous range of systems, spreadsheets and manual processes for rental management, asset management, unit collection and unit goods were becoming increasingly unsuitable in order to be able to support future growth.

Lowe tried to implement off-the-shelf software for rental management but it did not provide the required functionality. Lowe had to change its processes and create workarounds for basic tasks such as contract extensions. These workarounds required manual intervention, meaning staff were distracted from focusing on value-added tasks. Spreadsheets and manual process required for other areas, such as asset tracking or utilisation, was also cumbersome, time consuming and resulted in data duplication and human error.

The Solution

Flowlens enables Lowe to view and track asset utilisation, history, damage, refurbishment and planning, providing full traceability across its lifespan. This enables staff to monitor utilisation rates and/or identify any potential issues..

As orders are confirmed, data shared from the Flowlens Sales module and goods received allows the system to automatically update stock inventory level. When stock reaches a minimum threshold a member of staff is alerted to prevent stock shortages.

The Benefits

Having spent a lot of time and money implementing an established off-the-shelf solution in the past, Lowe realised they needed a solution that could work with their process and grow with the business.

The Operations team is enjoying significant efficiency savings due to the removal of paper, spreadsheets, manual processes and workarounds. This has been replaced with a configured and unified flow of information across rental and operations. As information is automatically shared, management can view and track the whole of the asset’s lifecycle.

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