paul lavery of lowe refrigeration

Lowe Rental – Global Stock Management

Flowlens’ joined-up solution aligns sales and operations teams across the global business and management have full visibility of asset utilisation, history, damage, refurbishment, dispatch and current status.

Established in 1977, Lowe Rental Ltd. has grown to be the largest globally recognised refrigeration and catering equipment provider to food exhibitions, sporting events and retailers worldwide. In 2014, Lowe Rental Ltd’s Stock/Inventory Management and CRM systems were no longer fit for purpose. The business was growing and the systems and processes were a hindrance to efficient growth. Many key business processes within the organisation had abandoned these systems and had reverted to using spreadsheets. Managing stock tracking, availability, sales order processing and other key business functions such as visibility to performance metrics, including asset utilisation with spreadsheets, was simply not going to allow their business to grow and despite reviewing nearly every solution on the market, there seemed to be no viable alternative. Enter Flowlens. Paul Lavery from Lowe Rental described talking to Flowlens for the first time. “The team took the time to listen, understand our business and recognise that what we needed fit with what Flowlens could deliver, and the price was right. We had a clear idea of where we wanted the business to go and what functions and features we needed in order for that to happen” “Flowlens has completely revolutionised how we manage and process sales orders, purchase orders, and stock/asset management while at the same time vastly improving our ability to cost jobs and improve our customer service and retention.” Real-time Asset Availability “Before Flowlens we sometimes didn’t have visibility on our fleet – as such, we had to make purchases of new equipment to meet demand. Flowlens has solved this key problem completely, with asset availability, tracking and logistics features. The improvements Flowlens has provided means that we know where every piece of stock is at any time and the financials of the Rental Order that it has been assigned to.” “Flowlens has given us integrated stock and asset availability features, as well as easily allowing us to pick and despatch orders quickly, giving us peace of mind and letting us sell our services with more confidence.” Since implementing the Flowlens solution Lowe Rental have gained ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation, essential steps in the growth of Lowe over the last couple of years. “These process accreditations are looked for by our potential clients and are important selling points. Flowlens was absolutely key in our ability to attain and maintain these industry standards and the annual reviews they require.” And the future? “We’re looking forward to stretching the capabilities of Flowlens as we continue to expand and grow – Flowlens is constantly evolving, as is the data and insights it can provide to help us. We’re looking forward to working with them in the years to come.”