Built for Build to Order Manufacturing

Save Hours Every Day

Flowlens software is designed for manufacturers who build to order. Do you:

  • waste hours with manual quotes?
  • find out about errors when it’s too late?
  • copy and paste data from one place to another?
  • have dozens of spreadsheets?

Flowlens puts you in control: of what you sell, and how you make it.

If you make machinery and plant, customise and install equipment, engineer bespoke products, or make to order, Flowlens can save you time and money.

Streamline your process for:

  • creating sales estimates & quotes
  • capturing project time and materials costs
  • defining Products and BoMs
  • purchasing materials and parts
  • reporting

Watch below to learn how Denatec use Flowlens to drive competitive advantage and efficiencies for their design and build to order engineering business.

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