Rich Dale
Written by Rich Dale
01 08 2019

New Flowlens Dashboard Reporting

Get real time insights into your business. Sales, Operations, Stock, Service. All at your fingertips. All in one place.

We’re delighted to launch our new Flowlens Dashboard and Reporting capabilities. They’ve been fully redeveloped in response to customer feedback, and carry us further towards our vision of Flowlens as your single ‘lens’ for reliable business information.

Across Flowlens you can filter data, such as sales pipeline, quotations, orders, stock levels, production jobs, purchasing, service, customers and much more.

Flowlens cloud CRM MRP dashboard reports

You can now make a dashboard that focuses on your priorities:

  • Highlight operational activities, problems and progress
  • Get a top down view of departmental activity by grouping users
  • Monitor sales activity levels by group or individual
  • Focus on individual operational priorities such as late orders, overdue jobs, outstanding service tickets and much more
  • Visualise trending information such as sales by product, group and customer

The new suite brings several capabilities and styles of graphical widget, including bar and pie charts, list below, metric summaries, with more to be added in a follow-up release next month.

Flowlens cloud CRM MRP software widget selector

The powerful new approach lets you:

  • Use search filters to create and label custom widgets
  • Choose from fixed and rolling date ranges for automatic updates
  • Get live metrics and totals across most reports
  • Create exception widgets to highlight problems easily
  • Many filters are now multi-select to easily enable grouping of required outputs

Flowlens cloud CRM ERP live dashboard reporting filter selection

Access to reports and dashboards widgets is controlled by user permission, and users are now free to create widgets to suit their needs.

Easy To Create. Easy to Tweak.
Across the system the new widget button lets you create a new dashboard widget straight from your search filter criteria, with more to be added in a follow-up release next month. You can also add and configure buttons directly on the dashboard.

cloud MRP CRM add dashboard reporting button

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