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Your scores indicate that you're in a high state of readiness to digitally transform your business and have done much of the preparation required to successfully implement a new MRP/CRM system.

Key things to consider before you make final decisions are

  • Ensure you have appointed a project leader who understands the business in detail and has the respect of the team
  • Prioritise your wins and take things step by step, rather than trying to go live all at once, it’ll overwhelm your team
  • Lead from the front, whatever software you choose, be seen to use and champion it

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We have created a detailed guide on the steps required to ensure success in digital transformation, identifying weaknesses and opportunities in your business, choosing the right software and how to get ready to implement your chosen software.

According to your answers to this assessment, many of the early chapters you may have already completed but we’re sure you’ll find the later chapters of use as you take the final steps in de-risking your digital transformation journey.

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