Remote Working Does Not Mean Limited Working.

Keep Sales and Manufacturing Working Safely

Do More With Less

Lockdown means we need to adapt fast, but that doesn’t mean quality and customer experience can suffer.

Without the right systems what can happen?

  • communication breakdown
  • poor quality data
  • out of control processes

With Flowlens you can work remotely, stay in control, and improve your operational efficiency at the same time.

Here’s how…

Access Wherever You Are

Flowlens manufacturing CRM and MRP software is cloud-based, meaning you have access on any connected device.

All features of the system are available whether you’re remote working via laptop / desktop / tablet or smartphone. Lockdown rules require us to adapt. Flowlens releases you from your desk. Work where and when you need to.

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Clarity of Communication

Working remotely makes communication harder.

If your process is disjointed, information can slip through the cracks.

Flowlens becomes the single version of the truth for your sales, operations and manufacturing.

One place for important

  • Customer communication records, email tracking
  • Internal Tasks, workflow and reports
  • Enquiries, Quotations and Orders
  • Purchasing and Stock Management
  • Production Job Cards and Material Requirements (MRP)
  • Customer Assets / Machine Register Service Ticket and Jobs

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How Much Time Do You Lose In Spreadsheets?
Business Continuity, Wherever You Are Working
Keep Operations Running During Lockdown

“Flowlens has allowed us to minimise staff in the factory, with remote working for office staff. We can keep effective social distancing, and still fulfil vital orders into the healthcare supply chain. I can manage jobs, and purchasing from home, whilst our sales team keeps in contact with customers.”

Gillian Harvey – Operations Director – On-Systems

Control Cash

Flowlens controls your sales and purchase orders, with related invoice tracking.

Track all orders and payment status of customer invoices.

Where necessary, issues proforma invoices to secure payment before you build.

Monitor cash commitments on purchase orders, review and approve supplier invoices.

Control risk with Approval Limits…

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Approval Limits

Remote working might mean less daily contact and oversight, but it doesn’t mean you lose control.

For sales – Flowlens lets you set Quotation Approval limits. Approve Quotes before they are issued to customers.

For purchasing – Approval Limits can be set for all POs, or you can set a value threshold requiring manager approval.

Approvers get instant email alerts when a Quotation or PO requires approval, so the process keeps moving.

Real Time Information

As we roll with the punches, we need information we can trust to make decisions.

Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to compromise on this.

With Flowlens information from your joined up sales, stock, manufacturing, finance and customer service is captured in real-time, in one place, that everyone can access.

No spreadsheets, VPNs and emails.

Flowlens real-time dashboards and reports keep you and your team on the same page.

Review and monitor progress. Spot trends. Prioritise.

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Integrated Tools

Flowlens works with your existing Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage 50 or Kashflow accounts package for seamless data transfer.

  • Raise and post sales invoices
  • Track and approve supplier invoices

This eliminates re-keying, and you can get invoices out faster.

Flowlens also integrates with Mailchimp for email marketing, newsletters etc to help you keep in touch with customers, prospects, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Secure Remote Working

Each Flowlens user has their own login credentials, so you can control who has access.

Each team members can be given specific permissions, only accessing the features they need. E.g. Sales, Purchasing & Stock, Production, Finance.

Data is encrypted, and we keep daily backups of your information.

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Capture Knowledge In The Process

Your business relies on the knowledge of experienced individuals. With increased remote working this major business continuity risk is more obvious.

Flowlens manufacturing software lets you capture knowledge throughout joined-up, repeatable, and efficient business processes.

With Flowlens you can standardise

  • Bills of materials and sub-assemblies
  • Purchasing and checking of supplier invoices
  • Stock management and replenishment
  • Sales enquiries and follow-ups
  • Quotations and Product Configuration
  • After-sales service jobs and invoicing
  • Operational Reporting

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