Manufacturing Software for Agri-machinery

Solve stock problems, reduce errors, minimise wasted costs

Stop The Daily Headaches

If you have problems such as

  • Inaccurate quotations / specifications agreed with the customer
  • Discovering Stock Shortages that delay delivery
  • Maintaining up to date BOMs and part lists
  • Poor Follow-ups of Sales Enquiries and Quotes
  • Time wasted on manual administration

Then Flowlens manufacturing CRM & MRP software is for you!

Designed for small but growing machinery and equipment manufacturers, Flowlens reduces your headaches and manual admin.

Flowlens is a user-friendly and joined-up cloud system that manages your Sales, Production, MRP, Purchasing and Service in one place. 

Flowlens helps increase profit, and reduces wasted time and materials while reducing expensive and unnecessary stock holdings.

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Control Manufacturing and Stock

For small agricultural machinery manufacturers, manufacturing and assembly have issues with wasted effort, stock shortages and data duplication. 

Each part of the process tends to be disjointed as sales order processing (SOP), project requirements, bill of materials (BOM), purchase order processing (POP), stock/inventory levels, and work in progress (WIP) are managed through different spreadsheets and paper documentation.

This causes a range of issues from time-consuming manual profitability calculations to manual part number transfer from stock-room to project sheet.

With Flowlens’ joined-up workflows, Bill of Materials (BOM) information gathered in the sales process is shared with our MRP (materials requirements planning) module and forms the basis for operations, including:

  • Clarifying the project’s requirements, shared from the sales process
  • Generation of a BOM for the project 
  • Automatically update stock levels, with warnings to re-order when a minimum threshold is reached.
  • Commissioning any customised pre-production fabrication
  • Project Scheduling
  • Real-time automatic project profitability calculations
  • Sharing data with accounts packages such as Xero, Sage and Quickbooks Online.

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Solve Problems in the Sales and Quoting Process

The sales process in many small manufacturing companies typically involves manual processes, paper and spreadsheets. This often results in:

  • Paper-based methods to capture enquiries and project requirements.
  • Information agreed verbally is later forgotten
  • Large amounts of data duplication and wasted effort
  • Meetings and emails required to deal with problems
  • Paper-based processes to capture project requirements
  • A lack of visibility for operations

Agri Machinery often has a bespoke or customised elements to design and manufacture. This means that sales staff need to have a level of pre-sales technical competence, resulting in:

  • On-site visits to discuss requirements
  • Significant liaison between sales people and manufacturing teams to prepare designs, proposals and costings
  • Other spreadsheets and documentation such as quotations, order acknowledgements and contract agreements

Flowlens manufacturing CRM and MRP software reduces wasted effort and duplication. It does this by removing silos and sharing information to provide visibility across all departments. 

For farm equipment manufacturers, this reduces risk as it brings clarity to the sales process with an overview of what qualified leads are in the pipeline and what needs chasing. It also enables more accurate production forecasting with visibility of progress on projects and current workload.

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Control After-Sales Service Costs

Many agricultural machinery companies capitalise on potential revenue streams by proactively marketing and selling after-sales service and spare parts.

By adopting Flowlens cloud MRP and CRM software, farm machinery and equipment manufacturing businesses can be partners to their customers and address their ongoing needs online.

  • Record Product Serial Numbers 
  • Log Service Tickets and Service Jobs
  • Refer to the original production BOM and job card records
  • Track everything for the product in one place
  • Ensure spares are invoiced and paid for
  • Issues Service Quotes and Invoices for after-sales parts and labour
  • Assign Jobs to Engineers

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