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About Flowlens

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Tired of repeating yourself?
There comes a time in any business where it outgrows its tools for managing business processes.

Flowlens is a cloud software product for SME Manufacturers, and ‘Buy and Supply’ Equipment Installers, that manages the business processes from production, to purchasing, sales and service. With all of these functions in one user friendly system, you can cut down on admin, wasted effort and serve customers faster.

Flowlens customers manage revenues approaching £247m using our products.

Flowlens is an all-in-one ERP and CRM product that will take your business to the next level of efficiency, profit and growth.

Smarter Growth

Using Flowlens customers have transformed their performance. Flowlens software supports the flow of data across all departments, with real-time dashboard reporting. This single version of the truth gives you the confidence to make decisions in real time.

Your Flowlens platform can give a snapshot of the business at any given time.

Flowlens Real-time Dashboard

Control Your Business, and Your Margins

We have designed our product to specifically to meet the challenges that businesses in the build-to-order and build to stock manufacturing and supply sector face. Flowlens connects operations, production, purchasing, sales and customer service, removing departmental silos. No more duplication, confusion and laborious processes that these silos cause. Unlike many other ERP and CRM tools, it is a system designed for the user – Flowlens is intuitive and easy to use.


Flowlens uses cutting edge cloud technology which removes the significant cost of buying and supporting an onsite server infrastructure. Using cloud technology also future-proofs your business, Flowlens will grow with you and enable you to stay ahead of the competition in a fast changing market place.

Managed Change

Flowens cloud software technology makes implementation easy – its quick to set up and easy to use, and we can train you to train your team. We’ll provide support to migrate your data to Flowlens, and work with you to deliver it in manageable stages, so that your business can adjust to the change.

Put the Flow back into your business!

Our software supports best practice processes for more effective Production, Purchasing, Sales and after-market functions. Join up your ‘customer lifecycle’ with Flowlens.

Affordable and Value-Added

Flowlens licensing is designed to grow with your business. We offer flexible monthly subscription options, or ‘enterprise’ purchase options, plus a range of implementation packages to help you implement our product.

One Step at a Time

Flowlens is modular, and adaptable, helping solve your most pressing business problems without significant investment.

Long-term Partners

Our strategy is based upon building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers. As our case studies attest, we work with your team to deliver an effective solution for your business.

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