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Flowlens & the Portable Buildings Industry

Flowlens is a joined up CRM, ERP and Service platform. Flowlens increases profit margins, and enable a significant reduction in wastage while providing an improved customer experience. Portable Buildings companies often have issues with:

  • Problems allocating stock to individual projects.
  • Not knowing what quantity of stock they have or need, resulting in shortages or overstock.
  • Disjointed systems and processes with information siloed in multiple documents and spreadsheets.

Flowlens has worked with organisations such as Liberty Storage Solutions and Western Building Solutions to provide a platform that enables them to have full visibility and control of the sales and production processes. Flowlens’ solution includes many features that enable Portable Buildings firms to unleash their potential such as:

  • Sales Quotation Builder
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Stock Management
  • Intuitive Workflows

Sales & Tenders

In order to satisfy varying customer demands and tender requirements, portable (and modular) buildings need to provide estimates based on customised requirements and issue quotations.

Without an effective CRM system for enquiry, quotation and tender management, this often means:

  • Lead data is not captured and managed efficiently to convert into more sales
  • Building specifications for the sales that are made are typically recorded paper or at best, spreadsheets
  • Sales pipeline reporting is difficult or non-existent
  • Difficult to identify why tenders were won or lost

The challenge for such businesses is to efficiently serve the customer from the beginning, right through until the building has been delivered.

Flowlens software brings best practice and understanding of portable buildings manufacturing which reduces wasted effort and duplication by streamlining processes. 

This visibility provided by the CRM reduces risk by bringing clarity to the sales process with an overview of what qualified leads are in the pipeline and what the likely sales conversion rate is. Likewise, more accurate production forecasting is facilitated with visibility of progress on projects and current workload.

Sales Order Processing

Sales order processing for portable buildings is often a manual, labour-intensive stage, involving:

  • Spreadsheet updates
  • Email communication
  • Data entry into the company’s finance system, e.g. Sage or Quick Books Online

Purchasing and Stock

Portable buildings manufacturers, especially those who have experienced quite rapid growth, can easily lose control of their stock management. They may not know what is in stock to start with and when a delivery arrives, they may not have a process to accurately record what is received. Stock management is often the first part of the business process that needs to get under control.

Flowlens automates the purchase ordering and receipt process and verifies what stock is on hand. It also updates the accounts software with received purchases and reconciles invoices with stock received. Stock can then be allocated correctly to the relevant sales orders and projects. Likewise, customer sales invoices can be easily raised on the finance system.  

Production and Delivery

Flowlens enables portable buildings companies to track customers, stock and manufacturing process. Customer data is captured at the very first contact the customer makes and converted into sales leads, quotes and orders. Because all the data is linked, capturing the build data at a very early stage secures seamless creation of production planning and job sheets. In addition, Flowlens also controls stock, issues Purchase Orders, receives goods and assigns finished buildings for delivery.


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