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How much time are you wasting in spreadsheets?

Save Time - Sell More

“Flowlens has allowed us to minimise staff in the factory, with remote working for office staff.” Gillian Harvey – Operations Director – On-Systems

“I’m saving 2 days per week… to work on the business, not in the business.” Wayne Cramer – MD – GW Energy

“Flowlens saves me at least one full day a week with its joined up features and Xero integration.” Antony Gray – MD – Renovo Solutions

“We’re saving one day a week per person… and that’s letting us sell more.” Rob Poole – MD – Industrial Switchgear

Save Time Every Day

How many spreadsheets and emails and documents and phone calls and bits of paper occupy your day? Flowlens CRM and MRP software helps you structure your business process.

By standardising processes, you save time. Fewer errors in orders making it to production. Fewer quotes that you forget to chase up. Fewer part shortages, right when you need them. Fewer sleepless nights worrying about overspending. More time to build a stronger and more sustainable business.

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Sarah Cramer - GW Energy Saves A Day A Week
Work On Your Business, Not In It

Time and Intelligence Flowlens gives you and your team back time to work on higher value activities. Flowlens gives you information you can trust, so you can make better decisions. Why? Because Flowlens exists to help your business grow, and adapt in uncertain times. How?

Join Up Your Business Processes

Many businesses operate in ‘silos’ – sales, operations, finance. This causes waste, duplicated effort, More often it means confusion and errors. Flowlens helps small equipment manufacturers to remove silos, and puts everyone on the same page. Visibility of sales pipeline, orders, jobs, stock and servicing, all in one place. Most Flowlens customers report savings of 1 day per week, per person. That’s six extra weeks of productivity a year.

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Unlock New Opportunities

By looking again at how our small manufacturing businesses operate, how information is relayed between departments and how our people are actually spending a large amount of their time we can very quickly see opportunities to make things run more smoothly.

This gives us the time we need to focus on where we go next.

Flowlens gives you the tools and the knowledge to make this change.

Work ON The Business

I very confident now are performing their tasks … and on time, and that’s enabled me to concentrate on the strategy and the growth of the business. Since we’ve had Flowlens operational, i’m able to spend two full days a week working on the business, rather than in the business. Wayne Cramer – Managing Director – GW Energy

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Your Growth Partner

Our customers will testify to our focus on customer service and results.

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