Leaner Times Need Leaner Processes

Drive Efficiency and Improve Profitability

Do More With Less

Leaner times means fewer resources, but that doesn’t mean quality and customer experience can suffer. 

There are hidden wastes in every business process, and they all add up.

These typically include:

  • Manual spreadsheet data capture
  • Rekeying data between systems
  • Confusion and communication failures
  • Incomplete management reports 
  • Order errors making it into production
  • Reactive, not proactive behaviour

Most Flowlens manufacturing CRM and MRP software customers report savings of at least a day a week per person. 

Here’s how…

Waste Less, Sell More

Today it is vital to keep the customers we have, as new customers may take longer to make decisions.

Flowlens gives you time to focus on customers, by making your sale to cash process more efficient

Flowlens captures all customer enquiries, quotations and follow-ups tasks, so you don’t have to remember them.

With this information at your fingertips, you can follow-up at the right time, and get the order.

How often have sales slipped through your fingers because you haven’t followed up in time?

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Saving One Day A Week
Communicate Less?

Most teams waste hours every day because they don’t have good information.

Inconsistencies in communication, hazy processes, siloed data, or information stuck in people’s heads.

Do these sound familiar? You need a single version of the truth.

Flowlens offers an affordable, joined-up system for small equipment manufacturing businesses. Standardise processes, gain operational efficiencies, and save days of effort in the process.

Rob Lewis - MD - Industrial Switchgear

“I want to be able to free up more of my time to be able to do more selling or to maybe do a bit of purchasing, and try to put a bit of pressure on our suppliers. I now have the time to be able to talk to my customers more, to just to generally, do more.

And I think that before Flowlens, I don’t think we realised how inefficient we were.”

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How much time are you wasting in spreadsheets?
Business Intelligence At Your Fingertips

How do you make decisions?

Manual processes are so time-consuming just to collect the data, you rarely have time to understand what it is telling you. 

Flowlens standardises data capture from sales quote, and orders, stock levels, and purchase orders, so that you can trust the information, and get reports in real time.

Stay on top of purchase orders and cash. Spot problems in the sales pipeline. Analyse customer behaviour. Identify production bottlenecks.

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Capture Knowledge In The Process

Your business probably relies on the knowledge of experienced individuals, and you know this is a major business continuity risk.

Flowlens lets you capture knowledge throughout joined-up, repeatable, and efficient business processes.

With Flowlens you can standardise

  • Bills of materials and sub-assemblies
  • Purchasing and checking of supplier invoices
  • Stock management and replenishment
  • Sales enquiries and follow-ups
  • Quotations and Product Configuration
  • After-sales service jobs and invoicing
  • Integration with your accounts package

This reduces risk and confusion and lets you do more, with less.

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Eliminate Waste - Achieve Process Efficiency

In a downturn, many businesses focus on cost cutting, without changing how the business process works.

For small businesses, some cuts might be inevitable, but have you examined your processes for hidden wastes?

  • Stock ordered for no reason
  • Stock sitting on shelves tying up cash
  • Wasted time in paperwork and admin that could be automated
  • Department silos that don’t communicate
  • Enquiries that never get followed up
  • Errors in quotes getting into production
  • Missing parts delaying jobs

Flowlens solves these problems, for a fraction of the cost of hiring an extra person.

Did you know, businesses who prioritise process efficiency come out of recessions growing faster, and more profitable than their competitors?

Our experienced team will help you throughout the process too.

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