Want to spend less on admin and grow your business?

Get joined up workflows and real-time reports

Capture All Customer Information

Is your customer and supplier information scattered in different systems, and people’s heads?

Flowlens brings it all together. Enter it once, use it again and again. Capture contacts, locations, enquiries, orders, service requests. Upload files and documents, track emails and interactions for a full record of activity.

Monitor order patterns, and set tasks for follow-up.

Avoid Re-keying Errors

With Flowlens you type information in once, and then use it across the system. Easily look up customers, supplier, colleagues, part and products.

Capture Customer Service Requests

Use your excellent customer service ethos as key selling point over your competitors.

With Flowlens you can log and measure response times for Customer Service requests, and the customer history is at your fingertips.

Issue Service Quotes, and allocate Service Jobs to carry out work, and track time and materials costs.

Track services against individual products, building up a record of service activity against the product.

Information At Your Fingertips

How many spreadsheets, emails or people do you have to go through to find answers?

With Flowlens it’s all right there. Save hours every day, whether its tracking orders, reviewing sales forecasts, checking stock levels, or tracking WIP.

You can save reports for later use, and our dashboard widgets give you quick insights across the business.

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