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"Having a tailored platform meant that we had buy in from the sales team from the beginning. We had tried and failed previously to implement an off-the-shelf product at CDE."

Peter Craven, Sales & Marketing Manager, CDE Global


  • CDE’s previous system suffered from low adoption while management reporting was a highly manual and time consuming process.
  • Flowlens’ configured solution significantly reduced manual effort, spreadsheets and emails while increasing visibility, accuracy and speed of management reporting to enable better decision making.
  • Reduced reporting time and sales admin time by 20% – An extra day selling!

Having a tailored platform meant that we had buy in from the sales team from the beginning. We had tried and failed previously to implement an off-the-shelf product at CDE – Peter Craven, Sales & Marketing Manager, CDE Global

The Challenge

As the opportunities for growth expanded, CDE required a system that could provide consistent sales activity management, pre-sales support and easy management reporting to support plans for an extended partner network.

Previously CDE had implemented an off-the-shelf CRM solution, which suffered from low adoption amongst the sales team. It was unpopular because it required excessive, irrelevant and time-consuming data entry that prevented them from what they enjoy doing – selling.

Because of the poor fit to CDE’s processes, sales forecasting and board reporting was a frustrating, time-consuming exercise involving data exports and collation of spreadsheets that distracted senior managers from more value-added and strategic priorities.

The Solution

Flowlens collaborated with CDE through a series of workshops with the sales team and senior managers. This gave an understanding of the sales team’s requirements, whilst defining the information needed for management reporting.

These requirements were used to configure Flowlens to fit CDE’s processes. This ensured ‘right-sized’ data capture and reporting requirements, which allowed sales executives to get on with their jobs, without hampering management reporting and analytics.

In the materials handling industry, good sales figures are heavily influenced by the amount of sales activity each executive carries out. This activity normally consists of phone calls and face-to-face on site discussions.This means that sales members often need to update information on the road, while it is traditionally difficult for managers to track this type of sales activity.

The centralised view of the customer can be updated on the road using a web-enabled laptop, smartphone or tablet. This means information regarding the customer is accurate, while significantly reducing data duplication and manual process.

Flowlens also allows managers to monitor activity in order to help individuals plan their time across prospecting, meetings and proposals in order to meet targets. Dashboard analytics give quick access to key performance metrics, whilst detailed reports are available for drill-down analysis.

As part of Flowlens integrated approach, Operations has complete visibility of the sales pipeline including specific project details for when sales are won. This provides complete visibility across the business enabling operations to plan and schedule for future projects.

The Benefits

Flowlens has provided significant efficiency savings for CDE, streamlining data capture and reporting while eradicating numerous emails and spreadsheets. The solution removed enough waste to allow an extra day selling per week for each sales member, while the Sales and Marketing Manager is saving almost one week per month in manual reporting.

The platform is a key enabler for CDE to grow its Sales team whilst ensuring consistency of approach globally. The team has now grown from 10 to 30 people. This increased team is generating a higher volume of quotations, which are now managed through Flowlens pre-sales feature, reducing manual effort and improving risk assessment.

Thanks to the requirement gathering process, the project had full buy-in from the sales team and management resulting in full adoption of the platform. ‘Right-sized’ data capture and reporting requirements allow salespeople to get on with their jobs, without hampering management reporting.

Flowlens also enabled CDE to create added value for Partners and Customers by providing secure, personalised access to the system.
Overall, due to the joined-up nature of the Flowlens solution, CDE enjoy complete visibility of the customer and project information, avoiding significant duplication of information and effort.

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