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05 09 2019

10 Hidden Wastes manufacturing CRM can solve in your business

Spending hours doing lower value tasks, when you could be driving sales or other critical tasks for your business? You…
26 07 2019

What the rise of automation teaches us

Have you visited yet? It’s worth a look – interesting and terrifying in equal measure. You just put in…
11 06 2019

Where is my Flowlens Login page?

Looking for your Flowlens login page? Each Flowlens customer has their own unique web address, usually relating to the company…
06 06 2019

Connecting the information silos

“I don’t think those figures are right.” Hands up if you’ve ever been involved in a meeting and you’ve heard…
07 05 2019

The value of standardised processes

Everything breaks in 3’s and 10’s This is something I was reminded of when we recently attended the Institute of…
29 11 2018

What is integrated MRP and CRM cloud software?

You may have come across the terms ‘MRP software’ and ‘CRM software’ before, and they have taken on different meanings…
05 07 2018

Are you ready? 5 steps to choosing the right software for your business

Your business is growing.  You use paper or spreadsheets to manage sales and manufacturing, but it’s getting a little chaotic.…
29 03 2018

Sleepless nights and small business – how Flowlens can help you beat the insomnia.

As leaders of growing businesses we’ve all been there, sleepless night after sleepless night, your mind racing with niggles that…
11 11 2017

You have the Vision, we have the Platform to make it happen…

We built Flowlens in response to SME customers who needed an easy to use, cloud MRP-CRM toolkit to help them…