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04 08 2020

How much is wasted effort costing your business?

In my last article I started talking about calculating Return on Investment in relation to MRP Systems for small manufacturers.…
29 07 2020

What is your time worth?

One of the questions we are often asked from businesses who do not know much about MRP¬†systems (Manufacturing Requirements Planning)…
30 06 2020

Has lockdown been good for business?

I was chatting to some friends this weekend and they were asking me how we got on through the lockdown.…
07 04 2020

Remote Working Stories from Flowlens customers

Flowlens was designed from the ground up to enable remote working. Perhaps we didn’t realise the extent to which remote…
02 04 2020

Project Hatch – From Idea to Action – The Story of Flowlens

Project Hatch has published an interview with Flowlens founder Rich Dale. The interview covers the early journey, describing how the…
30 03 2020

Digital Transformation for Small Manufacturing Businesses – Interview

Watch CEO Rich Dale’s full interview with Ciaran Connolly at ProfileTree covering: digital transformation in small manufacturing businesses business process…
15 03 2020

Business Process Continuity Action Plan

By now you will have taken action on short term cashflow risks to secure your business, and done your best…
19 02 2020

8 Benefits Small Equipment Manufacturers get with MRP Software

For small manufacturers, the benefits of new systems including MRP software has to be considered carefully. There are risks to…
15 01 2020

Sales Prospecting – How To Get Results, and Roll With The Punches

What are the key success factors for successful prospecting? Know your target market – think about who they are, what…