Beautifully simple Sales, Stock and Purchase Order Processing

Save 10 minutes every day and you save 1 week per year!

Think of the time your business expends on manual, repetitive, and non-value adding activities. Now, imagine spending that time on growing your business.

How fast does your business processing sales orders? Do you waste time copying and pasting data, re-keying manual order forms, and then copying it all again into your accounts software? Or are you trying to use an accounts package to support your sales team order processing?

How about stock, goods received and purchasing… do these work in harmony, or do customers suffer due to outages and delays?

Meet Flowlens

Flowlens Sales Orders

Flowlens is a user-friendly online software product. It joins your stock, sales orders and purchasing functions in one neat system.

  • Stop manual rekeying
  • Live stock levels
  • Raise branded quotes and sales orders.
  • Manage suppliers and POs
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Integrate with your accounts software

See for yourself how Flowlens simple, joined up software can benefit your business.

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