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There comes a time in any business when it outgrows its old systems.

At Flowlens, we specialise in helping growing equipment manufacturers and dealers to transform their business using modern digital tools and processes.

The Flowlens product is a user-friendly cloud MRP & CRM software platform that can grow with your business.

  • control stock and avoid shortages
  • efficient sales ordering and purchase ordering
  • component assembly, build to order and equipment supply
  • manage unique serial numbers and asset tracking
  • customer and equipment service
  • real-time reports and dashboards

Flowlens customers include plant, equipment and machinery manufacturers, and dealers who sell and service plant, equipment and machines.

Flowlens controls your business processes from sales, to stock, to production, to purchasing, invoicing and service.

With all of these functions in one user friendly system, you can cut down on admin, wasted effort and serve customers faster.

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