Rich Dale
Written by Rich Dale
23 03 2018

Technical Metals – Manufacturing & Stock Management

Flowlens has captured critical business knowledge into a repeatable, scalable system for Technical Metals.

Technical Metals significant growth in recent years has resulted in the existing array of software, spreadsheets and manual processes becoming unfit for purpose.

Technical Metals had been using Sage for stock management. However, its lack of functionality means that they had poor visibility over the amount of stock, resulting in shortages or overstock. Once a sale had been made, the parts and processes had to be marked on a job card manually.

The Solution

Flowlens works with Technical Metals end-to-end Sales Order to Dispatch process. Flowlens’ Sales Order Processing automatically creates a project and job cards. This means stock is automatically allocated enabling purchasing to have a ‘real- time’ view of stock levels. This means they have enough lead time to speak to suppliers so they can get the best price.  Flowlens implemented the Quickfire Stock Adjuster so that Technical Metals can quickly look for certain parts with the wrong quantity and adjust with reasons why.

The Benefits

The Sales Order Processing and Purchasing teams are enjoying significant time-savings with the removal of dysfunctional software applications, spreadsheets and manual processes that have been replaced by a unified flow of information from Sales Order to Dispatch. The business has almost doubled job throughput without additional resource.

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